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Unauthorised posting of notices in Wellington Park


Further to the Proposed conversion of Old Farm track, two unauthorised notices entitled ‘WARNING’ and advising readers to ‘OBJECT NOW’ to the City’s proposal, have been removed from the Park.

Proponents and opponents alike are asked to respect planning processes. There is provision for serious penalties – up to $2800 per offence – under the Wellington Park Act (1993) for anyone found posting notices, handing out flyers, pamphlets, advertisements etc.

There have been a couple of similar issues in recent years.

In 2012 I had to remove unauthorised flyers for an MTB event. To their credit, the organisers of that event have since always requested and received permission to post their flyers for subsequent events. Which is the best result for everyone of course! This way the event can be promoted and managed with due consideration for the Park Values and its other users.

More recently during a snowy weekend I had a handbill pushed into my hand by a fervent follower of a particular faith who saw an opportunity to spread the word. Thankfully the distributor was quick to return the pamphlets to their vehicle when I explained that users of Wellington Park were protected against such activities under ‘the Regs’ (Regulation 28(c) to be exact).

As always, if in doubt, check it out and contact the Trust.

See you down the track.

Ranger, Ben Masterman

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