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Track Users Code public comment period CLOSED


Shared track reminder panel

The Wellington Park Management Trust is preparing a new Track Users Code.

The new Code aims to inform and prepare users for a safe and enjoyable experience in the Park.

Why is a Track Users Code needed?

Understanding, acceptance and consideration of other users will help everyone enjoy a visit to the Park. The Trust’s Riders Code of Conduct (2000) has been expanded into a Track Users Code that addresses all users of Wellington Park’s tracks and trails, and includes respect for the natural and heritage values of the Park.


Codes of conduct are a common education tool used in Australia and elsewhere in the world to encourage responsible use by a range of recreational user groups (Riders Code of Conduct, 2000).

The original Riders Code came out of the State Mountain Bike Plan around 2000 following reviews of existing codes, most of which are based on the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) Rules of the Trail.

Nearly all fire trails in the Park are shared use as well as some walking tracks. There is also one bike-only track. The Trust may convert existing walking tracks to shared use after considering if the conversion is desirable and suitable. Assessment criteria include the need for the track to be shared use, suitability for shared use, and environmental, heritage and social impacts of conversion.

The new Code will:

  • address all users (walkers, runners and bike riders)
  • focus on shared use track issues and responsible sharing practices
  • publicise and promote ‘best practice’ and what to expect on shared use tracks
  • promote respect for the Park’s natural and heritage values
  • prepare users with the knowledge required for a safe and enjoyable experience.


The Code will be:

  • paired with a shared track “brand” – a yellow triangle marker which will appear on key publications online and in print, and be installed as a ‘quick read’ reminder at key locations such as shared use track heads, visitor nodes, and either side of track intersections
  • published on the Wellington Park website
  • circulated electronically by email to bike and walking clubs and community groups with a request to distribute it to their members
  • promoted by Authorised Officers on-site on selected weekends on key shared use tracks, ie Radfords Track, Pipeline Track, North South Track, Pillinger Drive Track
  • complemented by a flyer distributed online via the above channels and as a hard copy via bike shops, Service Tasmania, Fern Tree Tavern and Hobart Travel Centre, and by Authorised Officers in the Park.

Thank you for taking the time to assist with the management of Wellington Park’s track and trail system.

The Ranger


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