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Shared use trial outcomes


A bridge on the route of the shared use trial linking the Pipeline Track to The Springs via Pillinger Drive Track, Reservoir Trail and the upper section of Middle Track.

The Wellington Park Management Trust has considered the results of the shared use trial of upper Middle Track and Pillinger Drive Tracks.            

This six month trial looked at providing an offroad link from Fern Tree Park to The Springs for bike riders by trialling the conversion of two walking tracks to shared use.

During the trial the Trust obtained

·         feedback from the community via online form,

·         feedback from track users via on-site survey,

·         data from monitoring of track surface erosion and corridor change, and

·         data from sample user counts (number and type).

A summary of the monitoring program results is available here. The results indicated a high level of support for continued shared use of the upper section of Middle Track and no indication of any adverse impacts on the track. The Trust has noted that some issues were raised about the suitability of Pillinger Drive Track for shared use.

The Trust has therefore resolved

(1)    to permanently convert the upper section of Middle Track from Radfords Track to Reservoir Trail to shared use for cycling and walking;

(2)    to extend the trial of shared use on Pillinger Drive Track to the end of 2016 while it discusses how best to address user concerns with the City of Hobart.

Signage will shortly be installed at key locations (Park entry points, trailheads and track intersections) advising users of the new use arrangements.

Seeking public feedback

Once again, as part of the trial the Trust would like to hear your opinions, ideas and suggestions about the following issues:

User behaviour: are walkers and riders sharing the track respectfully?
User safety: are walkers and riders sharing the track safely?
Physical impacts: is shared use physically affecting the track more than single use?
Your experience: how does shared use affect your ‘experience’ of using these sections of track?
Please fill out and submit the online feedback form or write to:

The Manager
Wellington Park Management Trust
PO Box 503
Hobart TAS 7001

You can also download a copy of the form, fill it out and email it to



Motion Sensing Cameras will be in use periodically.

The Trust is using motion sensing cameras periodically as part of the monitoring program associated with the Shared Use Trial on Pillinger Drive track.  Cameras are being used as they allow us to distinguish between riders and walkers, and also determine direction of travel.  The only information recorded from the pictures is the number of walkers and riders using the track and their direction of travel.  No sound or video is recorded and all photos are deleted after counting. Signs will be installed nearby to alert users to their presence. 

The cameras will generally only be in operation for short periods to allow us to determine usage trends. The information will be used, along with survey and other monitoring data, to help the Trust decide if the track should be permanently converted to shared use.

For further information please call the Wellington Park Ranger on 0408 517 534.

Riders please note that bikes are not permitted on the lower section of Middle Track between Fern Tree Park and Reservoir Trail. Riders are asked to follow the Riders' Code based on IMBA's (the International Mountain Bike Association) Rules of the Trail.

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