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Shared use trial outcomes


A bridge on the route of the shared use trial linking the Pipeline Track to The Springs via Pillinger Drive Track, Reservoir Trail and the upper section of Middle Track.

The Wellington Park Management Trust has considered the results of the extended shared use trial of cycling and walking on Pillinger Drive Track and approved ongoing shared use.   

In making its decision the Trust gave careful consideration to data gathered from its monitoring program, including online user feedback, on-site surveys, track user counts and track wear and erosion measurements.

A summary of these data is available here.

Signage will be installed at key locations (Park entry points, track heads and track intersections) advising users of the outcome of the trial. Survey respondents and online feedback contributors will be advised by email. 

In response to user comments, further improvements to the Pillinger Drive Track will be carried out.  There will also be a campaign to encourage users to be considerate of other people on shared use tracks, including a revised “users code of conduct”.  Wellington Park Authorised Officers will also increase surveillance of shared use tracks and enforce the Wellington Park Regulations.

Shared use trial project background:

The initial 6 month trial looked at providing an offroad link from Fern Tree Park to The Springs for bike riders by trialling the conversion of two walking tracks (Pillinger Drive Track and the upper section of Middle Track) to shared use.

During the trial the Trust obtained

·         feedback from the community via online form,

·         feedback from track users via on-site survey,

·         data from monitoring of track surface wear and erosion, and

·         data from sample user counts (number and type).

At the conclusion of the initial trial period the Trust resolved that the section of Middle Track between Radfords Track and Reservoir Trail should continue as shared use. The Trust noted that some issues were raised during the initial trial about the suitability of Pillinger Drive Track for shared use. Accordingly improvement works were carried out and the trial extended until June 30, 2017 to allow further feedback to be sought about:

·         User behaviour: are walkers and riders sharing the track respectfully?

·         User safety: are walkers and riders sharing the track safely?

·         Physical impacts: is shared use physically affecting the track more than single use?

·         Your experience: how does shared use affect your ‘experience’ of using these sections of track?

·         Improvement works: have they made a difference to your experience?


The Trust wishes to thank users who participated in the survey and provided online feedback.


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