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Closed means Closed



There have been several instances of walkers and runners illegally entering track construction sites on the Pinnacle Track.

Anyone contravening a no-access sign is liable to a minimum on-the-spot fine of $244.50.

Tracks are closed due to unstable or impassable track, rock fall risk, and hazardous work in progress. 
Entering construction sites poses a severe risk not only to walkers but also workers, who are not expecting visitors. 
Track workers are frequently engaged in hazardous tasks, and may be using machinery and using earmuffs.

The Pinnacle Track section of the Great Short Walk is closed until August but there is an alternative route that starts from the main Springs car park and goes via the Lenah Valley Track,  Sawmill Track and Organ Pipes Track. This adds between 10-30 minutes to the usual walking time.

Track Closure Sign Map

This information has been very widely circulated via the City of Hobart and Wellington Park Management Trust websites and by email to tourism operators, outdoor shops, walking clubs and so on.

Please take a moment to review the attached map and sign. These are currently prominently displayed at car parks and entry points and at affected tracks and trail intersections.

*Please note that the Lost World Track is also currently closed between Old Hobartians Track and the Lost World Boulderfield due to severe storm damage.*

Track status information is available from the City of Hobart website, Wellington Park Management Trust website and Greater Hobart Trails website. 

Thank you for helping walkers and workers have an enjoyable and safe time on kunanyi / Mount Wellington.

Please contact the Ranger if you need any more information.

Ben Masterman

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