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New tracks opened, and new track names


new tracks and names

The Drops Track has been rerouted and extended with the opening of an exciting new jump/flow line starting from the Bracken Lane Fire Trail.

Note that it is for bikes only, travelling downhill only, and is graded Black Diamond (difficult).

There are some unavoidable and challenging features includingrock gardens, drops and jumps, so remember to Pre-ride, Re-ride before you Free-ride - read the trailhead signage for details.

Well done to the City of Hobart planners who have secured an agreement with Cascade for the bottom section to be built by mid-2020.

Thanks again to the City of Hobart tracks crew, and special thanks yet again to Track Care volunteers who keep showing up and helping out.

Also in the news, there is a new 2 direction, bike only track leading down from Drops to the Rivulet Track, connecting to the track that bypasses Strickland Falls and connects to the Middle Island Fire Trail. This has been named Pitfall.

The continuation has been named Stumpside and it is shared use, dual direction.

New signs coming soon.



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