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Myrtle Forest Car Park disruption


Nightingale Pictures Pty Ltd have arranged with Glenorchy City Council to park film crew vehicles and equipment at the Myrtle Forest Car Park and close to the film set at 102 -104 Myrtle Forest Rd.

Parking at the Myrtle Forest Car Park will affect visitors to the Myrtle Forest area of Wellington Park.

For wet weather they have arranged with Council for the Unit Base (3 Trucks + caterer) to be at Collinsvale Hall via Hall Rd.

Nightingale Pictures Pty Ltd appreciates the assistance of residents and businesses and Park visitors in helping them film in Collinsvale and want to take all necessary steps to minimise disruption, so if you have particular concerns (scheduled deliveries, construction, accessibility needs etc) please call Locations Coordinator Breanna Geer on 0467 3475 02.


Nightingale Pictures Pty Ltd is currently producing Jennifer Kent’s 2nd feature film, The Nightingale, in Tasmania. 

The Nightingale  is the story of a young convict woman seeking revenge for the murder of her family.

 "1828 Tasmania. A beautiful 19-year-old Irish convict woman witnesses her husband and baby brutally murdered by her soldier master and his cronies. Unable to find justice, she takes an Aboriginal male tracker with her through the hellish wilderness to seek revenge on the men, and gets much more than she bargained for."

The project is supported by the State Government’s agency Screen Tasmania


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