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Pinnacle Track works



The City of Hobart is embarking on the next phase of its rejuvenation of the Great Short Walk on kunanyi / Mount Wellington.

The Organ Pipes Track is now open from The Chalet through to the ZigZag Track.

The Pinnacle Track is now closed until the end of August 2018 but visitors can still walk from The Springs to the pinnacle via the Lenah Valley Track, Sawmill Track, Organ Pipes Track and ZigZag Track.

Full details are provided on the City of Hobart website.

Helicopter Operations will continue periodically as the weather allows. This will cause temporary closures (around half a day) of a number of tracks near the flight path. See map for details.

The next stage of works will NOT require closure of the Pinnacle Road.

Many thanks in advance for your understanding during this busy period of trackwork on the Mountain.

The Ranger


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