Wellington Park is open for exercise only. Pinnacle Road remains CLOSED.

Wellington Park is open for the purpose of exercise. Pinnacle Road remains closed for motor vehicles. Please adhere to all COVID-19 distancing guidelines. See Important Notices on the home page for more info.

Minimal impact

Your actions today affect Wellington Park tomorrow.

Minimal impact

Reduce your impacts on the environment by planning your trip and following minimal impact principles:

  • take only photos and memories and leave only footprints;
  • ensure your equipment is clean upon entering the Park to prevent the spread of weeds and plant diseases;
  • use only designated fire places with fire wood provided; and
  • when available use toilets – if there are no toilets then walk 100m away from water and the track and dig a 15cm hole to bury your waste and toilet paper.

Minimise your impact when bike riding by following the Track Users Code.

The Trust’s horse riding information outlines guidelines for minimal impact horse riding.

Cruisin’ Without Bruisin’ details the minimal impact code of practice for four wheel drivers.