Important notices

Track Closure Update 3 September


Wellington Park, including Pinnacle Road to the summit of kunanyi / Mount Wellington is open to the public. Please note that the following walking tracks and fire trails will remain closed until the damage from the severe storm on the night of Thursday 10 May can be repaired:

Closed walking tracks and fire trails

City of Hobart area 

  • North South Track between Old Hobartians Track and Kangaroo Fire Trail
  • Lost World Track

For further information see the City of Hobart website.

Glenorchy City Council area

  • Upper section of Gully Track (above Water Fire Trail).  This track is part of the Glenorchy Mtn Bike Park.  

NOTE: Knights Creek Track is open but any walkers and riders need to exercise caution when moving through the upper sections

All other Glenorchy City Council area tracks in Wellington Park are open to walkers and riders. 

For further information see the Glenorchy City Council website.

Parks and Wildlife Service area

  • Collins Bonnet Track below the East West Trail
  • Myrtle Forest Track
  •  Myrtle Forest Trail
  •  Collins Cap Track below Collins Cap Trail
  • Ringwood Trail
  • Mountain River Trail
  • Fryingpan Hills Fire Trail.

Visitors should be cautions on the tracks and trails that are open for use as there may still be storm debris on the surface and rough, eroded sections.   Please follow any warning signs carefully.

Please check this page for updates on the status of closed tracks and trails.


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