Wellington Park closed from midnight on Thursday 26 March.

Wellington Park is closed to the public until further notice as part of the State Government's measures to control the Covid-19 virus. See Important Notices on the home page for more info. 


Community gallery

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  • kunanyi / Mount Wellington from Midway Point
  • The beginning of another day on ‘the mountain’ by Matthew Newton
  • Mountain Biker by Luke Chiu
  • Snow on Middle Track in July 2011
  • Snow falling on Middle Track in July 2011
  • Snow on Radfords Track in July 2011
  • Birds by Jane Mullooly
  • Crowd Scene, The Springs by Noeline Robinson
  • Abseiler on the Organ Pipes by Grant Dixon
  • Goodbye Peter by Don Stephens
  • The snowfight by Mary-Anne Lea
  • Look Mum, no hands! by Louise Thomason
  • In the depths of winter, I found in my soul an invincible summer – Camus by Ian Simondson
  • Gathered Together by Karina Doughty
  • A climber visits Albert’s Tomb by Peter Steane
  • To where eagles dare by Greg Burns
  • Where else but Hobart by Michael Dempsey
  • John climbs After Midnight by Peter Steane
  • Junction Cabin August 2001 by Simon Whittock