Wellington Park is open for exercise only. Pinnacle Road remains CLOSED.

Wellington Park is open for the purpose of exercise. Pinnacle Road remains closed for motor vehicles. Please adhere to all COVID-19 distancing guidelines. See Important Notices on the home page for more info.

Community gallery

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  • kunanyi / Mount Wellington from Midway Point
  • The beginning of another day on ‘the mountain’ by Matthew Newton
  • Mountain Biker by Luke Chiu
  • Snow on Middle Track in July 2011
  • Snow falling on Middle Track in July 2011
  • Snow on Radfords Track in July 2011
  • Birds by Jane Mullooly
  • Crowd Scene, The Springs by Noeline Robinson
  • Abseiler on the Organ Pipes by Grant Dixon
  • Goodbye Peter by Don Stephens
  • The snowfight by Mary-Anne Lea
  • Look Mum, no hands! by Louise Thomason
  • In the depths of winter, I found in my soul an invincible summer – Camus by Ian Simondson
  • Gathered Together by Karina Doughty
  • A climber visits Albert’s Tomb by Peter Steane
  • To where eagles dare by Greg Burns
  • Where else but Hobart by Michael Dempsey
  • John climbs After Midnight by Peter Steane
  • Junction Cabin August 2001 by Simon Whittock