Wellington Park is managed by the Wellington Park Management Trust. The Trust co-ordinates and implements strategies and procedures, and maintains a regional approach to planning and management.

The Trust, its membership and Constitution is specified in the Wellington Park Act 1993.

The Trust meets when required to transact business, generally around 5 times per year. Meetings are not open to the public, however in 2014 the Trust resolved to publish an edited version of the minutes of each meeting on this website. These will be available when approved by Trust.

An objective of the Trust is to provide sustainable opportunities for recreation, tourism and education, while conserving the environmental, cultural and water catchment values of the area.

Park management is guided by the Wellington Park Management Plan.

Co-operatively, the Trust and on-ground management agencies carry out maintenance activities within the Park.

The Hobart City Council hosts the Trust office. The Trust employs a full-time Manager, a part-time Ranger and several part-time Project Officers.

For more information, and to contact Trust staff see the Contacts pages.